Saturday, February 13, 2010

Birthday and a snow day ( a long post)

First of all I just want to say I'm sorry for not posting sooner. My goal was to get this updated quickly after something happened to us...Well here I am catching up again on our lives.

First of all Christa had a wonderful birthday! I can't belive she is 3 already! She has been saying some of the funniest things since her vocabulary has increased. Sometimes she comes home from the sitter and talks to me. I wonder "where in the world does she learn that" or "have heard that". Its kinda scary that she sees or hears something once, it sticks with her.
She has been planning her birthday party a month prior to the party. She knew she was going to have a party and even knew she was going to blow out candles, eat cake, and have balloons. Earlier in the week we told her she had to go to bed so she could get rest for her party. Well the next morning she remembered and the first thing she said was "momma, i'm ready for Christa's party, my birthday party" (note: she refers to herself as christa sometimes) haha...She also knew she was going to have a Dora party. She absolutely LOVES Dora. When we told her it was in a couple of days she was sad. Well we know that for now on when we tell her something at night, she does remember Saturday she woke up happy because it was the day of her birthday. We had a big cookie cake with Dora candles on it, a Dora pinada, Dora streamers, and Dora temporary tattoos. It was a nice little party with some great Dora presents. She is so into Dora right now. It is now easier to get her in bed because she got a new Dora blanket and comfortor...Here are some pictures from that day.....
This is one thing she dress up and play the guitar. Don't ask me where she got playing the guitar at because no one plays around here....It must be from the station NogGin.,,She those shows

This is the pinada she got. This one was so neat and somebody even had to point it out at me...I guess for the younger kids instead of hitting it they have strings coming out of the bottom of it. We had all the kids get in a circle and everybody got a string. They pull it at once and only one string opens it up for the candy.
Christa actually thought we had to hit it too and that's what she wanted to do so before we pulled the strings we let the kids take 3 swats at it. They loved it!!!

Now time for the Dora cake...She even sang happy birthday to herself. She had been practicing that for a month too....

She had way to much fun so later that night while we were at the ball game my mom was putting her pjs on and she actually fell asleep while she was putting the bottoms on. This was one big worn out 3 year old!!!

Now time for the snow pictures.
Christa was waiting to throw snow at me.

Charlemagne kept throwing Brea in the snow and after, she would not get up..she just layed there...This was to funny!

Look how deep it was!

Well that's all the pics so far. It wasn't as long as I thought it was going to be. I hope all is going well with you and yours. I will blog you later!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

a picture post

These are just a few of the pictures Christa took for her 3rd birthday. I will post more from her party later when I have time to write in detail. These are the ones I actually ordered..I will post the rest of her pics that were really good later also...