Thursday, April 8, 2010

easter 2010

The Gibbons Family

My girls

Our Cousin Austin

Their Cousin Chelsea

I know..It has been a while again..I hope everyone had a good easter weekend..we sure did. right now I am still coaching volleyball with the GA Juniors. we have only 2 more tournys till we are done. That along with the kids and work is what keeps me busy and going all of the time. Me and Christa just recently got over bronchitis which I'm still hacking away...I have also started getting these allergy shots. I get them in clusters now so this pollen hasn't really affected me yet which is a great thing!!! I'm loving more itchy eyes, swollen eyes, sneezing, etc....
Charlemagne just got the girls head coaching job at the school he is at. So he is now the girls and boys head basketball coach. Crazy huh? Im excited for him though because this is what he wanted and he is a hard worker at whatever he does...its what he likes:)

The girls are growing so fast! Christa is now potty and night..i don't know if she gets up during the night to go or not but she doesn't wake up wet. We usually try and cut her drinks off a couple of hours before she goes to bed..Other than that she is a big help around the house and with her little sister. She really takes care of her...This morning she got dressed herself and then went to Brea's room and found just about the same outfit she had on for Brea...It was to cute..

Brea on the other hand is reaching her terrible 2s..she thows a fit about everything and wants to be held all the time..she is our "baby"...but she can follow her sister around and do what she does all the time.

I'm so glad i had them close together cause they do play wonderful together!

....until next you later!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Birthday and a snow day ( a long post)

First of all I just want to say I'm sorry for not posting sooner. My goal was to get this updated quickly after something happened to us...Well here I am catching up again on our lives.

First of all Christa had a wonderful birthday! I can't belive she is 3 already! She has been saying some of the funniest things since her vocabulary has increased. Sometimes she comes home from the sitter and talks to me. I wonder "where in the world does she learn that" or "have heard that". Its kinda scary that she sees or hears something once, it sticks with her.
She has been planning her birthday party a month prior to the party. She knew she was going to have a party and even knew she was going to blow out candles, eat cake, and have balloons. Earlier in the week we told her she had to go to bed so she could get rest for her party. Well the next morning she remembered and the first thing she said was "momma, i'm ready for Christa's party, my birthday party" (note: she refers to herself as christa sometimes) haha...She also knew she was going to have a Dora party. She absolutely LOVES Dora. When we told her it was in a couple of days she was sad. Well we know that for now on when we tell her something at night, she does remember Saturday she woke up happy because it was the day of her birthday. We had a big cookie cake with Dora candles on it, a Dora pinada, Dora streamers, and Dora temporary tattoos. It was a nice little party with some great Dora presents. She is so into Dora right now. It is now easier to get her in bed because she got a new Dora blanket and comfortor...Here are some pictures from that day.....
This is one thing she dress up and play the guitar. Don't ask me where she got playing the guitar at because no one plays around here....It must be from the station NogGin.,,She those shows

This is the pinada she got. This one was so neat and somebody even had to point it out at me...I guess for the younger kids instead of hitting it they have strings coming out of the bottom of it. We had all the kids get in a circle and everybody got a string. They pull it at once and only one string opens it up for the candy.
Christa actually thought we had to hit it too and that's what she wanted to do so before we pulled the strings we let the kids take 3 swats at it. They loved it!!!

Now time for the Dora cake...She even sang happy birthday to herself. She had been practicing that for a month too....

She had way to much fun so later that night while we were at the ball game my mom was putting her pjs on and she actually fell asleep while she was putting the bottoms on. This was one big worn out 3 year old!!!

Now time for the snow pictures.
Christa was waiting to throw snow at me.

Charlemagne kept throwing Brea in the snow and after, she would not get up..she just layed there...This was to funny!

Look how deep it was!

Well that's all the pics so far. It wasn't as long as I thought it was going to be. I hope all is going well with you and yours. I will blog you later!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

a picture post

These are just a few of the pictures Christa took for her 3rd birthday. I will post more from her party later when I have time to write in detail. These are the ones I actually ordered..I will post the rest of her pics that were really good later also...

Friday, January 29, 2010


Well this is my post for January..haha..I said I was going to update more often but so far I'm failing at that. Well so far this year has been a pretty good one. Brea is starting to repeat words we say, or try to anyway, and Christa has wore panties for 4 days in a row with only one accident! Oh and we can't forget about Charlemagne getting thrown out of his game this past Tuesday..

First of all Brea~She grows everyday we see her. When we say something she will repeat it. I asked her tonight what her name was and she said "Christa" but of course it wasn't that plain. She also says "I love you" or tries to anyway. haha.

Next is Christa~One morning I went in her room and saw her soaking wet pull up in the floor and her sleeping in her panties. That morning she refused to put on pull ups so I told her if she goes to the bathroom she can wear her princess panties. Well she went and all day long she wore her panties. She never had an accident! The next day I found her the same way so we went the 2nd day with panties on. But that night she ended up peeing in them while she was on her way to the bathroom...poor thing...she was trying..well she ended up wearing panties a couple of more days with no problem but all of a sudden she wanted to wear her pull ups again and not her panties. Its like she goes through stages with her panties...

We also took Christa to see the asthma doctor because the babysitter said she sleep walks and through my research sleepwalking is associated with nighttime asthma and restless sleeping. Ever since Christa has had pneumonia she has had this real deap cough that she cannot get rid of..and if you know her a little bit, she does not sleep at night. She may go to sleep at 12 and wake up at 3 then go back to sleep and wake up at 7...she's just like her daddy in that department..haha..well the doc ended up saying she's to young to diagnose with asthma but he will probably be seeing her in the next 3 years because Charlemagne has family with it. He also said she does have a little swelling in her tonsils and adnoids which he don't consider taking them out until about 5...

It is hard to believe Christa is going to be 3 next weekend!!! Where does time go??

Next Charlemagne~getting kicked out of the game. He said it wasn't his fault. The refs were some terrible ones. Just to start off the first half foul situation was 10-2...guess who was 10?? I didn't not get to go to the game because it was far and plus I had this training I had to go to after work. After the 1st T was called on him he said he got his chair and pulled it up to the end line but staying in the coaching box and he other ref, the one he was not talking to, came and gave him another T with that one ejected him. The ref's write up said that he refused to leave the court..I think this is the 2nd time he has gotten thrown out of a game. One was when he was coaching middle school and this one.

Last but not least Me~Something came good out of Christa's doc visit. I made me an appt to get an allergy test done. If you know me I am miserable in the spring time...around april and may...I usually sleep with a cold rag on my eyes and cannot wear my contacts for about 2 months. well hopefully I can get something done about it this year and get it fixed...I'm real excited about that...

I will hopefully be posting another blog next weekend after Christa's bday party and pictures so stay tuned. I hope all is well with everyone else!

In the you later!

Saturday, January 9, 2010


I hope everyone had a great and safe New Years! I can't remember where I left off but we have had a busy time after christmas!

After my parents left we had our Sweet South Tourny which was another great year! We didn't win this year but overall we had a good turnout...Charlemagne's parents came during that and stayed for the 3 days we put it on. Its always good to have our family here to visit. the tournament ended on Wed the 30th. They went home on Thursday and took the girls home with them. I LOVE when they do that:) Charlemagne then had another tournament which was called Hoops in Overdrive High School Shootout which we had teams from GA, AL, NC, FL, MS, and MA to come and play. There were some good teams that came a played. That started on Friday. So me and Charlemagne got to have a New Years together with no kids! I think it was our first one since before the kids. We had a great time! I stayed and worked the tournament on Friday and went to pick the girls up on Saturday. That Sunday we came home to see Daddy. The girls were so happy to see him. It has been since Thursday since they saw him last. We had one day left to rest before we started work on Tuesday.

It was a nice little time off but it was good to be back at work too. They called for snow on Thursday here but it just did a light dusting. Friday morning they called off our school because of the ice. Thank goodness because we stayed up a little late to watch the TIDE ROLL!!!! It was a good game...Saturday (yesterday) Charlemagne had a game but they called it off so we got the girls together and went to Chuck E Cheese. We met his little cousin there to pick her up so she could stay the weekend. Here are some pictures from last night....

So now here we are. Christa has a little stomach bug so she has been throwing up all evening, Brea is laying here in the floor, and Chelsea is pretending to talk on the phone...Oh and Charlemagne had a game which did not get cancelled tonight. If it wasn't for Christa we would have packed up and went.

Before I go I think I told you about a friend, Heather, who I have talked with on the internet but have never met because they live in Utah. She is the girlfriend of one me and Charlemagne's friend. She also has a little girl who is about 2 weeks older than Christa. Everytime we talk we talk about the girls we think they are just a like. Well we got to meet her before my parents came. We drove down to Montgomery for the night to see them since they were in town, Here is a picture of us.

So until next time!! Blog you later!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Just a few pics

This is just a few pictures from our christmas I thought was cute...

Friday, December 25, 2009

Our Christmas

I hope everyone had a good Christmas! We sure did! On Wed we left for montomery to see Charlemagne's family and some friends who were in town. I will post some pics on that later..Thursday we can back to madison to spend Christmas with my family. They came from TN and actually got here before we did. The girls had a great time opening presents. As you can see they loved their gifts. That night we got ready for Santa and Christa never went to sleep. The next morning she saw her new bike Santa gave her. She also had a back pack. Brea got her a bee riding toy and book bag. They both also loved their Dora tent!

Here are some pics of our Christmas. You can go look at more at

Have a great rest of the holiday and I will blog with you later!!!

Christ and Grandma in their Snuggies

Christa playing with her new computer

Brea in her Princess outfit

Christa in her Princess outfit

Christa said she was going to school in this pic. On her bike with her bookbag
Bre and her bee

She said "Its raining, my house" all day in this tent

Always smiling...she loved her bean bag chair

they really got into it!
Nana and her Bre Bre