Thursday, April 8, 2010

easter 2010

The Gibbons Family

My girls

Our Cousin Austin

Their Cousin Chelsea

I know..It has been a while again..I hope everyone had a good easter weekend..we sure did. right now I am still coaching volleyball with the GA Juniors. we have only 2 more tournys till we are done. That along with the kids and work is what keeps me busy and going all of the time. Me and Christa just recently got over bronchitis which I'm still hacking away...I have also started getting these allergy shots. I get them in clusters now so this pollen hasn't really affected me yet which is a great thing!!! I'm loving more itchy eyes, swollen eyes, sneezing, etc....
Charlemagne just got the girls head coaching job at the school he is at. So he is now the girls and boys head basketball coach. Crazy huh? Im excited for him though because this is what he wanted and he is a hard worker at whatever he does...its what he likes:)

The girls are growing so fast! Christa is now potty and night..i don't know if she gets up during the night to go or not but she doesn't wake up wet. We usually try and cut her drinks off a couple of hours before she goes to bed..Other than that she is a big help around the house and with her little sister. She really takes care of her...This morning she got dressed herself and then went to Brea's room and found just about the same outfit she had on for Brea...It was to cute..

Brea on the other hand is reaching her terrible 2s..she thows a fit about everything and wants to be held all the time..she is our "baby"...but she can follow her sister around and do what she does all the time.

I'm so glad i had them close together cause they do play wonderful together!

....until next you later!!!

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