Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sweet South Tournament Champions!!

This is just a quick note to say that Charlemagne's team got first place in their tournament today! I am so proud of him and the boys. They really played hard the past 3 days. This is the 8th year (i think its 8) they have had the tournament. This is the first time they have ever won it. The girls also won..We are sooo proud of the teams! I just hope it continues the rest of the season.

I hope everyone has a HAPPY NEW YEAR and are safe with their travel tonight...I will post another blog next year:)lol..I just love saying that:)
Take care!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas cont...

Can you believe Christmas has come and gone already?? I can't. Well I hope everyone had a good one and didn't blink to fast..b/c it did go by fast! We had a real good one. As I mentioned in my last post, we had Christmas with my family. Charlemagne's parents came up Christmas Eve and brought Austin..We got to spend it with them. We woke up the next morning and Santa came. I think Christa was in Heaven when she saw all the toys! She was so much fun this year! Here are a few pictures of that morning.

That evening Morgan and Farah came and we all packed up and went to Augusta to have Christmas dinner with Grandma Julia..We had fun there to. We ended up coming back that night and just laying around the next day while we watched Christa play with all her new toys.
OHHH..One more thing. Christa has never really been the child to just sit and watch tv. BUT we found a movie she loves and will watch it over and over. Its the Polar Express. Thank goodness its a movie that I like as well and knew every word to now:)
You can also find these pictures on our new web site.....
I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year!! Love you!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

~Christmas with my family~

I know it has been a while since I have written. Sorry about that. We have been so busy! It started when I went to TN to stay with my parents for a while and to pick up my grandmother. We left to come back home last Monday and she stayed with me the whole week! We had so much fun. My grandmother is the best! She moved to TN also so she is farther from me and I don't get to see her as much as I would like. I probably call her everyday to see what she is doing. That week we clean house and went Christmas shopping. My parents came friday and my brother came saturday. We had Christmas at our house. It was nice for all of us to be together again! Living in GA I don't get to spend time with them either like I would like to. I am so used to being in the same town as all of my family. I would have never thought that it would be hard not to have any family here, but with 2 kids, it is so hard. I am thankful for the friends I do have that loves to watch the girls when I need them to. Here are a few pictures from our christmas...

As you may know, or may not know, I put all my pictures on a web site. Well that web site got suspended. I think I was supposed to buy something for it to be in "good standing". Which I was not going to buy anything..So...I had to find another site that would let me share photos for free. This is when I found the shutterfly..It is a neat little site and so I am in the process of putting our christmas pictures up. Feel free to visit and leave comments on the site. It is still under construction though. The link is: . Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Brea's doctor visit

I took Brea to the doctor today. She has grown a lot. She weighs 15 lbs. 7 oz (a gain of about 1 lb & in the 75th%-90%). Her head circumference is about 15' (gain of about 1 inch & 50th%). And what amazed me the most is her length. She is 26' long (a gain of 3 inches & in the 97th%!!) I think she is going to be so tall..Hopefully we will have a successful volleyball or basketball player in our hands:)
Our other one I is taking up cheerleading at the

I forgot to post in my last blog that we went to the Christmas parade here in Madison. We met one of our friends and her kids along with a couple others. I just wanted to post the picture of Christa and the girls at the parade. I was surprised, but she didn't even get scared. She watched so intensely though. It is so much fun to do these things with her now that she has gotten older. I can't wait to see her face at Christmas when she opens her gifts. She amazes me so much!!
Christa & Friends

And we can't forget about Brea:)
Oh..And another thing I forgot to tell you. I just wanted to share with you the imagination my child, Christa, has. I found her pretending to feed her baby doll one day. As I watched, I noticed she does the same things I do when I feed Brea or what I do when Christa eats. I just wanted to post a few pictures of this. It was so funny!!
Pushing her baby's chair up to the table

Feeding..Notice her mouth..To funny!!
Feeding the baby...notice her putting her hand under the doll's mouth. I do this exact thing when she puts to much food in her mouth so she can spit it out. The are amazing how much they learn!!

Feeding the baby (continue) and now she is throwing it
So until next time...MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas is getting closer

Well me and Charlemagne took the girls to see Santa Claus last weekend. They did real good! When we were standing and waiting on the people in front of us, Christa was watching the little girls in front of us. They were crying when their parents was trying to get her to sit on his lap. I was just thinking to myself "oh great, Christa is going to watch them and do the same thing". But to a suprise she didn't. We did have to put Brea on his lap first and then Christa followed. I guess she saw he wasn't a bad guy after all since he let her sit on his lap. We of course got pictures, but we will get them this weekend. I will post that picture when I get it.

On Thursday, me and the girls are going to my mom's house in TN. We are going to pick up my grandmother and bring her back to our house on Monday. She is going to spend a week with us..I'm so excited!! I love when she comes and stays because I love spending time with her! Next weekend my parents are coming down and we are going to have our Christmas. I have all my shopping done for them with the exeption of a couple of things.

Last, Brea is rolling over!! I can't believe it. She is growing so fast! I take her to the doctor tomorrow for her 4 month check up. I can't believe she is 4 months already..Before I know it she is going to be crawling then walking..I will post how much she is grown when I find out.

So until I have other random things to post, take care:)

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Our Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a nice thanksgiving. Our thanksgiving started when Brea went with her Grandma and Papa to Alabama (I was thankful to get a little break:) They came and got her on a Saturday. We left for Montgomery the following Thursday (Thanksgiving Day). We had wonderful food and a great time! We didn't do much after we ate or the next day. Just layed around and watched basketball.
Grandma Julia feeding Christa

Christa and Chelsea doing wordsearch books.

We did go to Chuck E Cheese so the lil ones could play. Christa had a blast! When Chuck E came out to greet the kids, Christa ran..It was so funny..I don't know what she is going to do with the Santa Clause this year. I have never see the look on her face before. She was terrified!

Chelsea and Christa at Chuck E Cheese

We came home Saturday because Charlemagne had his first ball game. They won that one. Needless to say it was a long day that day and we were all wore out!

Sunday we went to church and spent the rest of the day with one of our friends, Wanda. She is such a good person and sort of took the girls in. We played Christmas music and hung out by the tree. I posted a video of Christa dancing with Brea. She just grabbed her and started dancing, and what's so funny, Brea liked it.

I hope you can tell and that its not to dark. You can hear Brea in the background..

So Monday rolled around and Charlemagne is back at work and I am back at home with the girls. We got my kitchen painted RED. It looks so good! And thanks again, Wanda, for the help..(I told you she was such a good friend:) You can kind of see my walls in the next picture of Christa.
I also stayed up till 2 in the morning trying to finish my paper I procrastinated on it. BUT, it is done and so is the class. I am so relieved to finish this class and start a new one! I have a 2 week break and then start my next one. When I started this Masters degree I doubted myself, and now I am 3 classes away from finishing. It really has gone by so fast. I am trying to get a position next year so I don't have to student teach. If that don't work out then I will student teach in August for 12 weeks and be done with my degree! I'm so ready!

And then we come to today (Tuesday). I tried to feed Brea some cereal today. She did ok. I think she only swallowed one spoon, the rest she spit out. But I remember with christa it just takes time. I also kept one of my friend's girls, Kiera. We took all of the girls
to the Christmas parade here.
Brea after we fed her..She is growing up to fast!!
Kiera and Christa eating lunch

Christa has taken over Brea's toys..She wouldn't play with them when she was small enough to. I just had to put this picture up.

Anyway, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Christmas will be here before we know it. I can't wait. Christa is going to have so much fun this year.

My plans for Christmas (so far):
--I think my Grandmother is going to come in a couple of weeks and stay with us for a week and then my mom, dad, and hopefully brother and fam will come the following weekend to have our Christmas.
--Charlemagne's family is coming to have Christmas with us the week of Christmas.
--When Christmas comes around it is time for the Sweet South Basketball Tournament. We have 32 teams from all around and out of state to come and play. It is 3 days of great basketball! We are so busy with that we are wore out every night. But it is fun to put it together.
--The last day of the tourny is New Years. So we will be spending that at home.

Christmas time is so busy for everyone. We are Thankful for everything in our lives and then Christmas we get to spend time with family again. It s the best time of year!!

I've rambled on enough so until Next time....
Oh! I also posted the rest of the pictures on our web site...

Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas will be here before we know it...

I know its kind of early but me and Christa put our tree up last night. It was really her first time of helping put it up. She would do something for a second and then find something else to do. Then I would do something different and she would help then find something else to do. She has such a short attention span (but don't all kids at this age:). It was also her bed time so she was real sleepy. I posted some pictures of us putting it up.

On the other hand, Brea has gone to Montgomery with the grandparents. They wanted to keep her by herself since they kept Christa by herself. I forgot how it was with just us and Christa. It has been so quiet around the house but it is kind of nice to have a break. Brea is so demanding at this age that I forgot what it was like not to have to feed a baby every 4 hours! I miss her and we will go and pick her back up when we go to AL for Thanksgiving. Me and Christa have been having a good time. Today we went to our friend, Wanda, hair shop and played. Christa loves to get her hair done there and plays with the rollers. We lost track of time and stayed there ALL day! But now we are back home and I really need to start to clean before Charlemagne gets home from basketball practice. I posted some pictures of us and the tree..So until next time, take care....
She was helping put the limbs on

Then she had to get under the tree

She also helped with the beads

and the ornaments

"yay!" she put it on all by herself:)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

You Have to watch this

My friend (and neighbor:), Heather, posted this to her blog and I just had to pass it on! You have to watch it. It made me start tearing up! It is a powerful message to everyone!

Take care!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Its been a while

This is just an update on what's goin on in the Gibbons household. Charlemagne has been busy with basketball..And when I say busy I mean busy! He leaves for school int he morning around 7:30 and doesn't get home till 9:00 at night...(and that's on a good night) Their first game is this Thursday..So it will be over before we know it...I'm ready!! I am ready to see my husband again:) But that's what I get for being a basketball coach's wife..But I do love it and I love basketball so that helps a lot! Also, I have started workouts for my volleyball girls. This is my chance to get back in shape to. I am excited! Its just 2 days a week so its not to bad.

Me, Christa, and Brea just got back from seeing my parents in TN today. We had a wonderful time! Didn't do much but lay around. That feels good when its 50 degrees and dropping (and this was during the day) Christa is to funny and so much fun to just sit back and watch. She is starting to say more words or at least trying. Brea is smiling so much! She has grown so fast and is such a good baby. I began wondering about her because I think she had a little colic until I changed her bottles and she has gotten so much better about crying in the evening. Now she only cries when she needs something. I will try and post some pictures up from our trip soon.

Other than that, this is what's been going on. Not much, just staying busy with basketball, workouts, and of course the girls...Oh and the holidays coming up. We are going to AL for Thanksgiving and staying home for Christmas..These are my two favorite holidays because they both involve family. So until next time, everyone take care!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Our little Chef (takes after her daddy)

This was way to cute! I had to share it..You know she takes after her daddy!! I don't know if you can hear it at the end but she says "mmm, good"

& excuse my voice (I hate hearing myself talk) plus I'm sick:)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Some videos from Halloween...

Here are some pictures from Halloween and ZooBoo..I hope you can see them. I know they are dark..

Christa trick or treating

Christa jumping on the MoonWalk at ZooBoo

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween in Montgomery

Brea's first Halloween

Brea didn't want any part in the pictures

The only way we could get her to sit was to give her a sucker

I know its been a while since I have written. I have been in Montgomery for Halloween and my college alumni volleyball game...For Halloween, Me, Christa, and Dr. Gibbons (Papa) went to the Montgomery Zoo for ZooBoo. The kids dressed up and got to play games. They had a scary ride through the zoo for the kids who liked scary stuff and a hay ride for the lil ones. We went on the hay ride. Christa had a great time!! When I say great, I mean GREAT!! She didn't want to leave. When we got to the car, I got in and they opened her door. She started waving at me and trying to shut her door. It was the most funniest thing ever. We finally got her in the car and she fell asleep before we got out of the parking lot...Here are a few pics from the ZooBoo...
Papa, Christa, Me at ZooBoo

Choosing which duck she wants

She loved the Moon Walk..I had to trick her to get her off

On Halloween night we went trick or treating with Sarah and Zach Underwood. This was Christa's first time actually trick or treating herself. We went last year but I had to push her in the stroller. This year she got to walk door to door herself. She had a blast! Zach taught her how to walk up to the door and ring the door bell. Of course she wouldn't say "Trick or treat"..She still can't really talk that good. The first house she went to she wanted to hold the candy. She held it until she didn't have anymore hands, then she figured out that's what her bag was for. She always wants do do things herself. You can't tell her anything...After she let them put the candy in her bag, she would run to the next house. If you have never seen her run it is hilarious!! Here are a few pic from Trick or Treating....I will try and post the video to...If I can figure out how..

Zach and Christa waiting

Christa wants her candy

The next day, I had my Faulkner University Volleyball Alumni game. It was fun to see all the girls I played with..Here are some pics of me and some of the girls..Some of them was on Halloween night...

The Alumni

Me and my bestest friend, Jesse!!

Halloween Party with some of the Alumni

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I know its been a while since I have written..Sorry about that. Not much has been going on though. Just keeping the girls and volleyball..We placed 3rd in our region play and now we are going to sectionals to determine who will playing in the final four! We are hosting that so I am excited to watch the teams that will be moving on. Anyways, the girls are good. We carved out pumpkin tonight. Christa got to actually help and she knew what was going on this year. Last year when we did she was only 7months old. It was real exciting to watch her.
She started drawing on one side while Charlemagne drew the face on the other. After we cut the top off they cleaned it out. Charlemagne does not put his hand in it so Christa wouldn't either. They cheated and got a spoon to do it. That used to be the most exciting part, putting your hand in and feeling it all slimy and stuff. But Christa finally started playing with the seeds and that was about all the touching she was going to do. I couldn't get a good picture of her with the pumpkin when we got done because she wasn't interested. So I did the best I could. I have added some pictures of her during this exciting time in her life:)
Helping Daddy draw the face

Helping clean out the pumpkin

After Charlemagne got the stuff out of the pumpkin, she picked the seeds out

This is what Brea did the whole time

I don't know if you can see but her face lit up when we put the candle in the pumpkin...

You can see more pictures on our web site:

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Growing so fast!!

Well I hope this finds everyone doing well...Brea and Christa are keeping me busy..I thought I would like this staying at home thing but I think I would rather be at work...! I am just grateful that I get to watch them grow day by day and do the most craziest things known to man!

I am still trying to potty train Christa but it has not been very successful at it. She is throwing fits now and is jealous every time I sit to feed Brea. She wants to grab my hand and pull me somewhere away from her sis. As you know, or my not, we have her sleeping in a big bed now that is in the guest bedroom. She has now found out how to climb out of her bed, open the door, climb on our couch that is at the end of our bed and into our bed. Charlemagne will wake some mornings and find both girls in bed with us...(nice little family of 4) I'm just so glad we got a king bed...I couldn't imagine us doing this with the little full size we would have been a sight to see..

Christa also knows how to drink out of a regular glass. I usually give her one when she eats lunch or supper. She knows how to drink and pour it out on her tray when she doesn't want anymore...God help her..(or me:)

Brea is starting to hold her head up really well...She is also making loud sounds. She made one sound so loud and long one day, Charlemagne thought it was Christa...She is now such a happy baby...I changed bottles on her and I think that helped on her colic I thought she had...We took her to her 2 month check up last week and the doc said she was "perfect" (that's his words he always uses to let us know everything is good). She weighed 14 lbs. She is the same as Christa was at this age except she is 2lbs heavier. The doc said to make sure I don't feed her over 30 oz. Which I feed her between 30 and 36...So I really have to watch that now..I can't help it she's always hungry:)lol..Last night she finally slept through the night..We put her down about 10 and had to wake her at 7..I had to go and check on her..It kind of scared me she was sleeping that long..So hopefully I will start to get my rest...(cross your fingers:)..

I have one more bed time story to tell before I close this blog out...Brea was waking from her nap today so me and Christa went in her room. Christa was climbing on the rails to look at Brea. I left the room for a sec to get something and then come back...Christa was in the crib trying to wake Brea up...It was to funny and the look on her face was priceless....She was just smiling away...

Everything else is good here...I have a couple more weeks of volleyball then I and the girls will be going to spend a week in Montgomery with my sis in law and her new little addition. I am sooo excited about that trip..That is also the week Basketball season starts up...We will be even more busy with that...So until next time....take care:)