Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas will be here before we know it...

I know its kind of early but me and Christa put our tree up last night. It was really her first time of helping put it up. She would do something for a second and then find something else to do. Then I would do something different and she would help then find something else to do. She has such a short attention span (but don't all kids at this age:). It was also her bed time so she was real sleepy. I posted some pictures of us putting it up.

On the other hand, Brea has gone to Montgomery with the grandparents. They wanted to keep her by herself since they kept Christa by herself. I forgot how it was with just us and Christa. It has been so quiet around the house but it is kind of nice to have a break. Brea is so demanding at this age that I forgot what it was like not to have to feed a baby every 4 hours! I miss her and we will go and pick her back up when we go to AL for Thanksgiving. Me and Christa have been having a good time. Today we went to our friend, Wanda, hair shop and played. Christa loves to get her hair done there and plays with the rollers. We lost track of time and stayed there ALL day! But now we are back home and I really need to start to clean before Charlemagne gets home from basketball practice. I posted some pictures of us and the tree..So until next time, take care....
She was helping put the limbs on

Then she had to get under the tree

She also helped with the beads

and the ornaments

"yay!" she put it on all by herself:)

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