Monday, November 17, 2008

Its been a while

This is just an update on what's goin on in the Gibbons household. Charlemagne has been busy with basketball..And when I say busy I mean busy! He leaves for school int he morning around 7:30 and doesn't get home till 9:00 at night...(and that's on a good night) Their first game is this Thursday..So it will be over before we know it...I'm ready!! I am ready to see my husband again:) But that's what I get for being a basketball coach's wife..But I do love it and I love basketball so that helps a lot! Also, I have started workouts for my volleyball girls. This is my chance to get back in shape to. I am excited! Its just 2 days a week so its not to bad.

Me, Christa, and Brea just got back from seeing my parents in TN today. We had a wonderful time! Didn't do much but lay around. That feels good when its 50 degrees and dropping (and this was during the day) Christa is to funny and so much fun to just sit back and watch. She is starting to say more words or at least trying. Brea is smiling so much! She has grown so fast and is such a good baby. I began wondering about her because I think she had a little colic until I changed her bottles and she has gotten so much better about crying in the evening. Now she only cries when she needs something. I will try and post some pictures up from our trip soon.

Other than that, this is what's been going on. Not much, just staying busy with basketball, workouts, and of course the girls...Oh and the holidays coming up. We are going to AL for Thanksgiving and staying home for Christmas..These are my two favorite holidays because they both involve family. So until next time, everyone take care!!


Heather said...

Miss you guys!! Glad to hear you're doing well! We've all been at home all day with a stomach bug :(!

Can you believe Brooks and Christa are almost 2?! We've been thinking about birthday stuff lately...I can't believe how time flies!!

Talk to you soon!

Heather said...

Hey girl! Glad to hear things are going good...but sad that ur hubby is gone so much. We can miss our men together. ;P

I know I've been slacking on blogging...I'll get better. haha.