Sunday, December 27, 2009

Just a few pics

This is just a few pictures from our christmas I thought was cute...

Friday, December 25, 2009

Our Christmas

I hope everyone had a good Christmas! We sure did! On Wed we left for montomery to see Charlemagne's family and some friends who were in town. I will post some pics on that later..Thursday we can back to madison to spend Christmas with my family. They came from TN and actually got here before we did. The girls had a great time opening presents. As you can see they loved their gifts. That night we got ready for Santa and Christa never went to sleep. The next morning she saw her new bike Santa gave her. She also had a back pack. Brea got her a bee riding toy and book bag. They both also loved their Dora tent!

Here are some pics of our Christmas. You can go look at more at

Have a great rest of the holiday and I will blog with you later!!!

Christ and Grandma in their Snuggies

Christa playing with her new computer

Brea in her Princess outfit

Christa in her Princess outfit

Christa said she was going to school in this pic. On her bike with her bookbag
Bre and her bee

She said "Its raining, my house" all day in this tent

Always smiling...she loved her bean bag chair

they really got into it!
Nana and her Bre Bre

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!!

Hopefully this will be a start to many more posts more often. I got my Christmas present early...Charlemagne got me a notebook from verizon!! I am really enjoying it too. This is just a quick post to wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! I hope yall are done with Christmas shopping and don't get caught up in the mad last minute traffic at the malls/stores. I just got done finishing getting the last of the stocking stuffers for the girls. This is going to be a really good Christmas for them. They are old enough to open presents and know what they are. Santa got Christa a bike...We can not wait to see her face when she sees it. Every time we go into wal mart she wants to see the bikes. I am still trying to find out what to get Charlemagne...I know that bad considering Christmas is only 2 days away...

My parents and grandmother is coming in on Thursday and leaving Saturday. I am excited to have them here. This is the first time they will be seeing "santa" on christmas morning.

I will hopefully post some pics after christmas is over. have a great one and i will post something soon!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Well Thanksgiving is around the corner (actually tomorrow). I am so thankful for all that I have. My parents and family, Charlemagne's parents and family, my wonderful 2 girls, and friends! I am really blessed to be a part of a great loving family.

Tomorrow we are going to Augusta to see Charlemagne's family. I took the girls on Friday to Alabama so they can stay until this weekend. They have had a ball...I have been off work for the week and Charlemagne only went for two days. We have had a well deserved break from them. We are so ready to see them again and miss them so much. It is hard to think about what we did before them.

Saturday is the start of Basketball season. They have been practicing but the games actually start. We are excited about this year because he has a really good group of boys he has been coaching since they were in 9th grade. They did really good in their scrimmage game and are very excited to see what the outcome of this year is.

The girls are growing up so much! I know I say that in every posting but they grow up in just a month. Christa is still peeing in the potty randomly but more often then before. She usually goes through about 1 or 2 pull ups a day. She is talking so much now and has such a big imagination. She is always pretending to so something with random things, even it is invisible things..haha..She is so into Dora and Boots now. I have to record it in DVR because that is all she wants to watch. She likes to pretend she is Swiper too...Its funny to watch her..It is hard to believe that she will be 3 years old in February!!!

Brea is 15 months now. She went to the doctor on the 12 for her checkup and she weighed as much as Christa does. She weighed 28 lbs. and Christa is 30. She is going to be a big girl...haha...She even has as much hair as Christa does, curly and black! She loves to do anything her sister does but she is not as independent. She still wants to be on her mommy and daddy, and she IS a daddy's girl...she loves her daddy! She gets so excited when she sees him coaching and we are in the stands.

Life is moving so fast! Thanksgiving is a time to settle with family and remember what we are thankful for. It don't seem that Christmas is around the corner. I love these holidays because family and friends are so important!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and Happy Holidays!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Christa is using the potty!!!

I'm back for just a min. I just wanted everyone to know that Christa is now using the potty all by herself! I'm so excited and she is too. Today she went by herself and pooped...She got of the potty and came and told me and started jumping up and down. She is to funny.

We have been busy with it being Charlemagne's fall intercession last week and mine this week. It has been really nice to be off but I am ready to go back. We went to visit my parents on Monday and came back yesterday. They were so happy to see the girls.

We this is just about all we have been doing lately. I will try and write some more later. Hope all is well with everyone else. Take care!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Yes...I am still here...haha

I know,I know..Its been a long time!!
As you know we have not had internet connection at our house. I am in Montgomery right now on my Mother In Law's computer...(Thanks!:) There has been a lot going on lately. I have got me a job and the girls have been going to the babysitter. Charlemagne has been doing a WONDERFUL job of taking them and picking them up in the evening.

Christa has learned a lot since she has been going. They have been learning their colors red, blue, and yellow. She usually gets them right when you ask her, that is if she is in the mood to tell you..haha...They have also been learning the letters A,B, & C. The best thing of all is that she will go pee pee in the potty!!!! She has just recently done that.I took her to a volleyball tourny one Saturday and she went 3 times while we were there....I was so proud of her. She is talking so much better too. Its like since I went to work she has grown up so fast!

Brea on the other hand is getting around fast! She is so busy with everything. We have gotten her off the bottle and on a sippy cup. It has helped since she is on regular milk now that we don't have to buy formula. She has gotten 6 teeth in all now! But boy she can throw them fits!

Her and Christa play so well together. I really am so happy to have them so close in age. It is getting easier as they grow. But ask me again when they get teenagers and see if I have changed my mind...haha...

My job is going good. I have been working as a parapro at this alternative school. It is fun to work with these kids. Some of them are bad but deep down they are just kids...I feel that this is getting me prepared for the future when I do get my own set of kids in the classroom. I am also still coaching at another high school. We have gotten off to a pretty good start of the season. One of my JV players moved to Varsity which is a good thing. Its always good to see one of your players to move up to the varsity team.

Like I said before, Charlemagne is doing a wonderful job of taking care of the girls in the morning and evening since I have gone to work. He is getting ready for basketball season too. It will be very soon when he starts his season. I am ready to start watching his team play. I think they will have a pretty good season this year and so does he. He has worked with these boys since they were freshman....I am just so proud of him and what he does with the boys and the team.

This is about what has been going on the past month. I will hopefully be getting me a laptop so I can catch up on what the girls are doing daily....I hope everyone else is doing great! I am about to catch myself up on what you are doing with your blogs...

Take care and blog with you soon:)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Just an update

I just wanted to update everyone on what is going on..Our Internet right now is not working so I haven't been able to put pics up of Brea's birthday yet. I did put them on the shutterfly account. Just click here to view them. BREA'S BDAY PICS

Something new is that I found me a job. It is a pretty good on so far. I started last Thursday, so tomorrow will be one week to the day. It is a paraprofessional position at an alternative school. The kids are real rude but they do listen if you threaten to write them up or take them to the office. They also make them do push up and squats if they misbehave. I have gotten to know some of the kids and really talk to them about what they like to do and stuff like that. It seems like the hardest part is getting along with other teachers when you are a parapro than the students. I am just so ready to get my own classroom!

As well as working at the school I am also still coaching. We had our first game last night. They did ok and it was a real exciting game. We have many more to go so hopefully we will get better.

While I have been going back to work the girls have been going to a babysitter. She actually was a pre school teacher for many years. She keeps one other girl who is Brea's age and used to run an in home child care. The girls love her! Christa has been doing really good but yesterday and today she had to go to time out for her first time. The reason was being mean to Brea...imagine that..haha...

Well I am at the gym writing this and I'm ready to go home. I will hopefully get the Internet back on by next month. So until then, have a wonderful one!!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Bre!!!

Today is our baby girl's 1st birthday. It is so hard to believe that our youngest is already 1...Where did time go? It has been an amazing year with her. Watching her crawl then walk and playing with her sister. They have a blast with each other.

Right now Bre has been walking since about 10 months old. That has made things a lot easier on me. Now she can follow her sister around and play insead of me having to pick her up all the time. I know one day I will miss those "baby" days where I just want to hold and look at her. But right now...I don't:) I love watching her explore her own world right now. She loves to watch TV. That is totally opposite of when Christa was that little. She has also just started clapping. She claps when Yo Gabba Gabba comes on while she dances. She is such a happy baby. She also has 4 teeth now. Another mildstone I am ready for her to be at is when she starts eating solid foods. She can eat some but not a lot because her teeth are in the front. Some other things she is doing is crawling up the stairs and she knows how to get down from the couch. She has not yet mastered the crawling down the stairs yet and really has no intrest in it. She loves to be put down to sleep instead of somebody holding her. That also makes it easy on me..I just go and lay her down with her blanket and she is out!

We are having her party tomorrow so I will post pictures after Saturday. I will also know more about her weight, height and stuff next Wed. when I take her for her first year checkup.

So until then....


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Life is moving so fast!!

It has been a while since I have written last. There has been so much going on and I'm going to try to remember everything...

First I have been to Phoenix and Vegas and back home. Me and my neighbor, Stacey, had a good time..Of course didn't win any big bucks but enjoyed ourselves. While we were in Phoenix we met up with a friend of mine from college. What are the chances of a friend I went to college with was from the same town we stayed in...

Brea is walking all over the place. She stayed with her grandparents in Montgomery for a week while I was gone. When I got back it seems like they grew up so fast! She walks so fast and has become such a happy baby..I think it is because she can actually move around herself without us holding her. Just in the past couple of days she has also cut 2 teeth. One of them is on top and the other is on bottom. She will then have 1 on top and 3 on bottom (all in a row) She will be turning 1 in a couple of weeks. How time flies by so fast! I am planning the party. I think we are going to have a lady bug party just because we found this cute lady bug outfit...we will have cupcakes that look like little ladybugs and maybe a water slip n slide outside.
Also today Brea had her first major accident today. She was standing in the rocking chair and I think what happened was Christa pulled her legs out from under her and she hit her head on the back of the chair. She got a bump and bruise right in the middle of her forehead...

Christa is starting to talk in sentences. She told me one day "I want shoes off" This is the first sentence I have ever heard her say. She is growing so fast always taking care of her sister..She also saw a cat today and called a "meow". I had to try and explain to her that it says meow...She is to funny and says the funniest things every day....

Charlemagne is about to be back in school. Teachers have to go back Tuesday and the kids the following Wed. So of course my full time job is about to start, being a stay at home mom...haha..It will be a lot of fun this year because the girls are older and I can get out and do more with them...

Anyways, I will try and post some pics later..Hope all is well with everyone..And take care!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

HAPPY 4TH~a picture blog

I know this is late but we just got home yesterday. We left for Montgomery for the weekend and came back Sunday. Since Charlemagne had his basketball camp on Monday & Tuesday we just stayed with his aunt in Atlanta...

Our 4th was great! Spending time with family is always fun...The girls stayed with their aunt, uncle and grandparents and we came back without them. It is so quiet right now around this house is scary but its nice to get a break..haha...This is my first break away from Brea. I really miss them but it is fun to hang with Charlemagne by ourselves again...

Here are some of Christa's new friends we spent the 4th with...

Brea was so happy to stand on this box...Her face is priceless!!! That is not her gums on the top of her mouth either...its her throat! I had to zoom in because it looked funny...

Christa & cousin, Chelsea, is playing in the sprinklers. We just blew this pool up and by the evening it was flat again. We think it had a hole in it... but they had fun sliding on it anyway...

I just had to put this picture on here! I of course cut me out and enlarged Bre...Her eyes are beautiful in the picture..and her little hand behind her head looks like she was leaning on it...

Christa & Chelsea playing in the pool over at a friend's house...

the 3 cousins (minus Bre)

Chelsea (3 years old)
Christa (2 years old)
Austin (8 months old)

These are just a few pictures I thought was cute from last month that I had on my camera and never took off....

Christa's gym friend Brandon..They were born 2 weeks apart..His daddy is the assistant bball coach...

This is what Christa got into one morning before we left for Montgomery...And this isn't the first time!

So until after my trip to phoenix and vegas.....take care

Monday, June 29, 2009

Trip to the Myrtle Beach

Christa, Nana (my mom), Me, and Brea
We we are finally back from our trip to the beach. We had a GREAT time but it is always good to be back home. I love being back in my own bed and seeing my wonderful husband! No matter what kind of vacation you go on, it is always good to be back to where you feel the most comfortable...of course the bad things about being home is the stuff you hate...bills, cleaning house, cooking and stuff like that....

During our trip, we stayed at my cousin's house when we went. That is the whole reason for us to go every year because we have somewhere to stay for FREE!!! We left my house on Friday, spent all day at the beach Sat. - Tues, & Thur. Wednesday we went to the water park and on Friday we went to the pool.

While at the beach Christa played the whole time. She never took a nap until she was on the way home. She even found a friend to play with one day. She got braver and braver as the week went on and went deeper into the water. All Brea did was eat and sleep. She also got brave one day and walked down the the water by herself. Yes, I did say walk! She is walking all over the place now! She hardly ever crawls anymore. I am so glad! Here is some pics from the beach...

Brea enjoying the ocean..She got more comfortable with it the last couple of days we were there
Me and Christa taking a break from playing in the shade
The water park we went to had a kiddie pool with slides and waterfalls. Christa LOVED it! She kept going down the slide and even got in trouble by the lifeguard..haha...She went down the wrong way and he said she couldn't do that...It was kind of funny...The water was only 2 feet so she could walk in it herself. We put floaties on her so she got real comfortable with those and started to float.

On Friday we took Kyle and the girls to the pool while our mothers had a day to themselves on the beach. We always give them one day to themselves and I think they really enjoy it. While at the pool Christa had her floats on and Brea sat in her little "car" float...That night we went to eat out at a all you can eat seafood buffet. It was really neat because they had a mermaid there. She even got in the water to swim some. Christa thought that was so neat and got a necklace from her. It was real cute!
Brea swimming in the pool

Christa had her arm floats on and just took over Brea's car float
Christa and Nana getting the necklace from the mermaid at the restaurant

You can also see other pictures from our trip on our web site by clicking HERE....

Although it is good to be home we are leaving for Montgomery this Thursday for the 4th weekend. The girls are going to stay the week with their grandparents and give me and Charlemagne a week to ourselves...YAY! During this week I plan on painting the play room and doing some cleaning..but we will see when the week ends on what I really did..haha..I also leave for Phoenix/Las Vegas next Friday...Me and my neighbor are going for a little girl's trip...
So until next time...Take care!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Saturday, June 13, 2009

quick catch up and some pics

Ok..Here is a quick catch up on what we have been doing..
I am officially out of school. All I have left is my student teaching which will probably happen in Jan/Feb. I am so ready to get this paper so I can get a job...I have started my volleyball workouts the first of June. They have been going pretty good. It is amazing how the girls are out of shape and after about two weeks of conditioning they are getting better...
Charlemagne is out of school for the summer but is so busy with basketball. The season is never over. He has been practicing every night and playing about once to twice a week. He says he's going to stop after this week but we will see about that. He said he needs a break to him is about two days then he is back to work...
Brea is still the same. She will take about 4-6 steps then get lazy and crawl until she is about two steps away from what she wants. Then she will stand up again and take the 2 steps. I am so ready for her to start walking..She is such a momma's girl and always wants to hold on to me.

Christa is still in her terrible twos...haha...I have been working on potty training her but it is not working...Although one day she was in the tub and told me she had to go potty. She got out and actually sat on the pot and peed...I couldn't believe it..That was the only time though...

She is also little miss independent! The other day she thought she would take it upon herself to get something to drink. Of all things, Kool aid was sitting on the counter. As I was getting ready to go somewhere she pulled the chair to the counter, got a cup, and poured kool aid ALL OVER the floor and counter!!! I had to mop 5 or 6 times and it is still a little sticky...Oh and speaking of kool aid..she wanted to make some one day so she pulled the chair up and got the packets, opened them and poured them in the container..she then got a spoon and tried to stir..She then had to come and get me to say "drink"....This girl is such a handful!!!!
The only place we have went this summer was to my parents house in TN because my cousin got married. Saturday we went to the wedding. Sunday we just hung around the house and played in the pool. Even my dad got in the pool with Christa..Here are some pictures from that wonderful sunny day...You can also see all the pictures on our web site
Brea always smiling
Christa, Brea, & Nana enjoying their time in the pool

Brea enjoying the out doors

Christa & Pappy..What they do for their grandkids
Our summer is full of trips...Me and the girls are leaving for our yearly Myrtle Beach Trip next week (Fri 19th) We are coming back on Saturday (27th)..That next week we might take a trip to Montgomery. This time with Charlemagne. In Georgia this is known as the dead week in sports so no one can have any type of practices. This is the perfect time for our gettaway. After that me and my neighbor is taking a trip to Phoenix and Las Vegas with NO kids!!! This will actually be my first trip without the girls...I'm so ready! We are leaving on the 10th to phoenix. Flying out of phoenix on the 12th and flying back home from Vegas on the 15th.
Busy, Busy, Busy....This is our life:) Until next time...take care!