Friday, October 16, 2009

Christa is using the potty!!!

I'm back for just a min. I just wanted everyone to know that Christa is now using the potty all by herself! I'm so excited and she is too. Today she went by herself and pooped...She got of the potty and came and told me and started jumping up and down. She is to funny.

We have been busy with it being Charlemagne's fall intercession last week and mine this week. It has been really nice to be off but I am ready to go back. We went to visit my parents on Monday and came back yesterday. They were so happy to see the girls.

We this is just about all we have been doing lately. I will try and write some more later. Hope all is well with everyone else. Take care!!!

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Aubrey said...

Hooray Christa!!!

T - You are welcome to bring your potty training skills to our house ANYTIME! I despise potty training!