Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Well Thanksgiving is around the corner (actually tomorrow). I am so thankful for all that I have. My parents and family, Charlemagne's parents and family, my wonderful 2 girls, and friends! I am really blessed to be a part of a great loving family.

Tomorrow we are going to Augusta to see Charlemagne's family. I took the girls on Friday to Alabama so they can stay until this weekend. They have had a ball...I have been off work for the week and Charlemagne only went for two days. We have had a well deserved break from them. We are so ready to see them again and miss them so much. It is hard to think about what we did before them.

Saturday is the start of Basketball season. They have been practicing but the games actually start. We are excited about this year because he has a really good group of boys he has been coaching since they were in 9th grade. They did really good in their scrimmage game and are very excited to see what the outcome of this year is.

The girls are growing up so much! I know I say that in every posting but they grow up in just a month. Christa is still peeing in the potty randomly but more often then before. She usually goes through about 1 or 2 pull ups a day. She is talking so much now and has such a big imagination. She is always pretending to so something with random things, even it is invisible things..haha..She is so into Dora and Boots now. I have to record it in DVR because that is all she wants to watch. She likes to pretend she is Swiper too...Its funny to watch her..It is hard to believe that she will be 3 years old in February!!!

Brea is 15 months now. She went to the doctor on the 12 for her checkup and she weighed as much as Christa does. She weighed 28 lbs. and Christa is 30. She is going to be a big girl...haha...She even has as much hair as Christa does, curly and black! She loves to do anything her sister does but she is not as independent. She still wants to be on her mommy and daddy, and she IS a daddy's girl...she loves her daddy! She gets so excited when she sees him coaching and we are in the stands.

Life is moving so fast! Thanksgiving is a time to settle with family and remember what we are thankful for. It don't seem that Christmas is around the corner. I love these holidays because family and friends are so important!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and Happy Holidays!!!

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