Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Just an update

I just wanted to update everyone on what is going on..Our Internet right now is not working so I haven't been able to put pics up of Brea's birthday yet. I did put them on the shutterfly account. Just click here to view them. BREA'S BDAY PICS

Something new is that I found me a job. It is a pretty good on so far. I started last Thursday, so tomorrow will be one week to the day. It is a paraprofessional position at an alternative school. The kids are real rude but they do listen if you threaten to write them up or take them to the office. They also make them do push up and squats if they misbehave. I have gotten to know some of the kids and really talk to them about what they like to do and stuff like that. It seems like the hardest part is getting along with other teachers when you are a parapro than the students. I am just so ready to get my own classroom!

As well as working at the school I am also still coaching. We had our first game last night. They did ok and it was a real exciting game. We have many more to go so hopefully we will get better.

While I have been going back to work the girls have been going to a babysitter. She actually was a pre school teacher for many years. She keeps one other girl who is Brea's age and used to run an in home child care. The girls love her! Christa has been doing really good but yesterday and today she had to go to time out for her first time. The reason was being mean to Brea...imagine that..haha...

Well I am at the gym writing this and I'm ready to go home. I will hopefully get the Internet back on by next month. So until then, have a wonderful one!!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Bre!!!

Today is our baby girl's 1st birthday. It is so hard to believe that our youngest is already 1...Where did time go? It has been an amazing year with her. Watching her crawl then walk and playing with her sister. They have a blast with each other.

Right now Bre has been walking since about 10 months old. That has made things a lot easier on me. Now she can follow her sister around and play insead of me having to pick her up all the time. I know one day I will miss those "baby" days where I just want to hold and look at her. But right now...I don't:) I love watching her explore her own world right now. She loves to watch TV. That is totally opposite of when Christa was that little. She has also just started clapping. She claps when Yo Gabba Gabba comes on while she dances. She is such a happy baby. She also has 4 teeth now. Another mildstone I am ready for her to be at is when she starts eating solid foods. She can eat some but not a lot because her teeth are in the front. Some other things she is doing is crawling up the stairs and she knows how to get down from the couch. She has not yet mastered the crawling down the stairs yet and really has no intrest in it. She loves to be put down to sleep instead of somebody holding her. That also makes it easy on me..I just go and lay her down with her blanket and she is out!

We are having her party tomorrow so I will post pictures after Saturday. I will also know more about her weight, height and stuff next Wed. when I take her for her first year checkup.

So until then....