Saturday, September 19, 2009

Yes...I am still here...haha

I know,I know..Its been a long time!!
As you know we have not had internet connection at our house. I am in Montgomery right now on my Mother In Law's computer...(Thanks!:) There has been a lot going on lately. I have got me a job and the girls have been going to the babysitter. Charlemagne has been doing a WONDERFUL job of taking them and picking them up in the evening.

Christa has learned a lot since she has been going. They have been learning their colors red, blue, and yellow. She usually gets them right when you ask her, that is if she is in the mood to tell you..haha...They have also been learning the letters A,B, & C. The best thing of all is that she will go pee pee in the potty!!!! She has just recently done that.I took her to a volleyball tourny one Saturday and she went 3 times while we were there....I was so proud of her. She is talking so much better too. Its like since I went to work she has grown up so fast!

Brea on the other hand is getting around fast! She is so busy with everything. We have gotten her off the bottle and on a sippy cup. It has helped since she is on regular milk now that we don't have to buy formula. She has gotten 6 teeth in all now! But boy she can throw them fits!

Her and Christa play so well together. I really am so happy to have them so close in age. It is getting easier as they grow. But ask me again when they get teenagers and see if I have changed my mind...haha...

My job is going good. I have been working as a parapro at this alternative school. It is fun to work with these kids. Some of them are bad but deep down they are just kids...I feel that this is getting me prepared for the future when I do get my own set of kids in the classroom. I am also still coaching at another high school. We have gotten off to a pretty good start of the season. One of my JV players moved to Varsity which is a good thing. Its always good to see one of your players to move up to the varsity team.

Like I said before, Charlemagne is doing a wonderful job of taking care of the girls in the morning and evening since I have gone to work. He is getting ready for basketball season too. It will be very soon when he starts his season. I am ready to start watching his team play. I think they will have a pretty good season this year and so does he. He has worked with these boys since they were freshman....I am just so proud of him and what he does with the boys and the team.

This is about what has been going on the past month. I will hopefully be getting me a laptop so I can catch up on what the girls are doing daily....I hope everyone else is doing great! I am about to catch myself up on what you are doing with your blogs...

Take care and blog with you soon:)


Kiera said...

Welcome back!! Glad you got a job and are enjoying it!! Glad the girls are enjoying the babysitters! Take care!!

Aubrey said...

Mercy, those are some cuties!