Monday, June 29, 2009

Trip to the Myrtle Beach

Christa, Nana (my mom), Me, and Brea
We we are finally back from our trip to the beach. We had a GREAT time but it is always good to be back home. I love being back in my own bed and seeing my wonderful husband! No matter what kind of vacation you go on, it is always good to be back to where you feel the most comfortable...of course the bad things about being home is the stuff you hate...bills, cleaning house, cooking and stuff like that....

During our trip, we stayed at my cousin's house when we went. That is the whole reason for us to go every year because we have somewhere to stay for FREE!!! We left my house on Friday, spent all day at the beach Sat. - Tues, & Thur. Wednesday we went to the water park and on Friday we went to the pool.

While at the beach Christa played the whole time. She never took a nap until she was on the way home. She even found a friend to play with one day. She got braver and braver as the week went on and went deeper into the water. All Brea did was eat and sleep. She also got brave one day and walked down the the water by herself. Yes, I did say walk! She is walking all over the place now! She hardly ever crawls anymore. I am so glad! Here is some pics from the beach...

Brea enjoying the ocean..She got more comfortable with it the last couple of days we were there
Me and Christa taking a break from playing in the shade
The water park we went to had a kiddie pool with slides and waterfalls. Christa LOVED it! She kept going down the slide and even got in trouble by the lifeguard..haha...She went down the wrong way and he said she couldn't do that...It was kind of funny...The water was only 2 feet so she could walk in it herself. We put floaties on her so she got real comfortable with those and started to float.

On Friday we took Kyle and the girls to the pool while our mothers had a day to themselves on the beach. We always give them one day to themselves and I think they really enjoy it. While at the pool Christa had her floats on and Brea sat in her little "car" float...That night we went to eat out at a all you can eat seafood buffet. It was really neat because they had a mermaid there. She even got in the water to swim some. Christa thought that was so neat and got a necklace from her. It was real cute!
Brea swimming in the pool

Christa had her arm floats on and just took over Brea's car float
Christa and Nana getting the necklace from the mermaid at the restaurant

You can also see other pictures from our trip on our web site by clicking HERE....

Although it is good to be home we are leaving for Montgomery this Thursday for the 4th weekend. The girls are going to stay the week with their grandparents and give me and Charlemagne a week to ourselves...YAY! During this week I plan on painting the play room and doing some cleaning..but we will see when the week ends on what I really did..haha..I also leave for Phoenix/Las Vegas next Friday...Me and my neighbor are going for a little girl's trip...
So until next time...Take care!!

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