Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Growing so fast!!

Well I hope this finds everyone doing well...Brea and Christa are keeping me busy..I thought I would like this staying at home thing but I think I would rather be at work...! I am just grateful that I get to watch them grow day by day and do the most craziest things known to man!

I am still trying to potty train Christa but it has not been very successful at it. She is throwing fits now and is jealous every time I sit to feed Brea. She wants to grab my hand and pull me somewhere away from her sis. As you know, or my not, we have her sleeping in a big bed now that is in the guest bedroom. She has now found out how to climb out of her bed, open the door, climb on our couch that is at the end of our bed and into our bed. Charlemagne will wake some mornings and find both girls in bed with us...(nice little family of 4) I'm just so glad we got a king bed...I couldn't imagine us doing this with the little full size we would have been a sight to see..

Christa also knows how to drink out of a regular glass. I usually give her one when she eats lunch or supper. She knows how to drink and pour it out on her tray when she doesn't want anymore...God help her..(or me:)

Brea is starting to hold her head up really well...She is also making loud sounds. She made one sound so loud and long one day, Charlemagne thought it was Christa...She is now such a happy baby...I changed bottles on her and I think that helped on her colic I thought she had...We took her to her 2 month check up last week and the doc said she was "perfect" (that's his words he always uses to let us know everything is good). She weighed 14 lbs. She is the same as Christa was at this age except she is 2lbs heavier. The doc said to make sure I don't feed her over 30 oz. Which I feed her between 30 and 36...So I really have to watch that now..I can't help it she's always hungry:)lol..Last night she finally slept through the night..We put her down about 10 and had to wake her at 7..I had to go and check on her..It kind of scared me she was sleeping that long..So hopefully I will start to get my rest...(cross your fingers:)..

I have one more bed time story to tell before I close this blog out...Brea was waking from her nap today so me and Christa went in her room. Christa was climbing on the rails to look at Brea. I left the room for a sec to get something and then come back...Christa was in the crib trying to wake Brea up...It was to funny and the look on her face was priceless....She was just smiling away...

Everything else is good here...I have a couple more weeks of volleyball then I and the girls will be going to spend a week in Montgomery with my sis in law and her new little addition. I am sooo excited about that trip..That is also the week Basketball season starts up...We will be even more busy with that...So until next time....take care:)

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Heather said...

Hey! I'm doin okay... of course we miss him like crazy but I'm glad he's there! It's a blessing for all of us!

Sounds like fun around your house with your 2 girls! Never a dull moment huh?! I am not looking forward to pottie training Maya. I first got to get her all the way off her bottle. I'm a lil late...but we are working on it! haha.

As for the backgrounds, I get them all from this site:

Check it out! You'll love them!