Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas is getting closer

Well me and Charlemagne took the girls to see Santa Claus last weekend. They did real good! When we were standing and waiting on the people in front of us, Christa was watching the little girls in front of us. They were crying when their parents was trying to get her to sit on his lap. I was just thinking to myself "oh great, Christa is going to watch them and do the same thing". But to a suprise she didn't. We did have to put Brea on his lap first and then Christa followed. I guess she saw he wasn't a bad guy after all since he let her sit on his lap. We of course got pictures, but we will get them this weekend. I will post that picture when I get it.

On Thursday, me and the girls are going to my mom's house in TN. We are going to pick up my grandmother and bring her back to our house on Monday. She is going to spend a week with us..I'm so excited!! I love when she comes and stays because I love spending time with her! Next weekend my parents are coming down and we are going to have our Christmas. I have all my shopping done for them with the exeption of a couple of things.

Last, Brea is rolling over!! I can't believe it. She is growing so fast! I take her to the doctor tomorrow for her 4 month check up. I can't believe she is 4 months already..Before I know it she is going to be crawling then walking..I will post how much she is grown when I find out.

So until I have other random things to post, take care:)

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