Tuesday, December 16, 2008

~Christmas with my family~

I know it has been a while since I have written. Sorry about that. We have been so busy! It started when I went to TN to stay with my parents for a while and to pick up my grandmother. We left to come back home last Monday and she stayed with me the whole week! We had so much fun. My grandmother is the best! She moved to TN also so she is farther from me and I don't get to see her as much as I would like. I probably call her everyday to see what she is doing. That week we clean house and went Christmas shopping. My parents came friday and my brother came saturday. We had Christmas at our house. It was nice for all of us to be together again! Living in GA I don't get to spend time with them either like I would like to. I am so used to being in the same town as all of my family. I would have never thought that it would be hard not to have any family here, but with 2 kids, it is so hard. I am thankful for the friends I do have that loves to watch the girls when I need them to. Here are a few pictures from our christmas...

As you may know, or may not know, I put all my pictures on a web site. Well that web site got suspended. I think I was supposed to buy something for it to be in "good standing". Which I was not going to buy anything..So...I had to find another site that would let me share photos for free. This is when I found the shutterfly..It is a neat little site and so I am in the process of putting our christmas pictures up. Feel free to visit and leave comments on the site. It is still under construction though. The link is: http://lifeofagibbons.shutterfly.com/ . Enjoy!

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Heather said...

We got the girls the same kitchen!! That is crazy! Great minds think alike! I will post pics soon.

Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas! Isaac didn't make it home, and well, not sure when he is coming home. Things aren't so great with him right now but we still managed to have a great Christmas with my family. Hope you had a blessed Christmas with your fam! XOXO