Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Brea's doctor visit

I took Brea to the doctor today. She has grown a lot. She weighs 15 lbs. 7 oz (a gain of about 1 lb & in the 75th%-90%). Her head circumference is about 15' (gain of about 1 inch & 50th%). And what amazed me the most is her length. She is 26' long (a gain of 3 inches & in the 97th%!!) I think she is going to be so tall..Hopefully we will have a successful volleyball or basketball player in our hands:)
Our other one I is taking up cheerleading at the

I forgot to post in my last blog that we went to the Christmas parade here in Madison. We met one of our friends and her kids along with a couple others. I just wanted to post the picture of Christa and the girls at the parade. I was surprised, but she didn't even get scared. She watched so intensely though. It is so much fun to do these things with her now that she has gotten older. I can't wait to see her face at Christmas when she opens her gifts. She amazes me so much!!
Christa & Friends

And we can't forget about Brea:)
Oh..And another thing I forgot to tell you. I just wanted to share with you the imagination my child, Christa, has. I found her pretending to feed her baby doll one day. As I watched, I noticed she does the same things I do when I feed Brea or what I do when Christa eats. I just wanted to post a few pictures of this. It was so funny!!
Pushing her baby's chair up to the table

Feeding..Notice her mouth..To funny!!
Feeding the baby...notice her putting her hand under the doll's mouth. I do this exact thing when she puts to much food in her mouth so she can spit it out. The are amazing how much they learn!!

Feeding the baby (continue) and now she is throwing it
So until next time...MERRY CHRISTMAS!!


Heather said...

Cheerleading video is TOOOOO cute!! God love her!!!!r

Brysmommy, Kenswifey said...

You have an award..go pick it up on my page.