Monday, March 2, 2009

Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Yesterday we went to church. As soon as we got home it started to snow. Later we got to take Christa outside to play. She was so excited. Brea was asleep so Charlemagne came with us. He was throwing snowballs at me and Christa was right behind me watching him. He threw a snowball and hit Christa right in the face...It was toooo funny...But she didn't think so. She cried and did not want to go outside anymore. We left her in the house and went back outside while she watched through the window. He eventually got me right in the chest with one. We had a blast. When we came back in we cooked our supper.

While we was eating our power went out. The time 5:30pm. We layed around the rest of the day. As dark came we got the candles out and I cleaned house (I mean there was nothing else to do:)haha. We got the girls and fell asleep by the fire along with 5 blankets on us. We slept off and on during the night. When we finally got up this morning there was still no power! We left and went to eat at the Waffle House and got back and a neighbor said it just came on. The time 10:30 am!! 17 hours with out power! The temperature got to 51 degrees downstairs and 45 up....I took some pictures of all the snow. This was all from yesterday and a couple from today. We are now nice and warm in the house...Now I am ready for Spring!!!

I love taking pictures of different things. Sometimes I would love to be a photographer..I have also add some pictures I thought was pretty! I took these with just a regular camera...Who knows what I could do with a real good camera:)

This was our house the next day!

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