Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Life after Easter

Well I hope everyone had a GREAT Easter! We had fun..We ended up going to Augusta Saturday night. The girls slept the whole way there so I thought they were going to sleep through the night..We boy was I wrong! Both of them stayed up till about 3 am! I think they was happy to see their grandparents:) When Christa got up the next morning she was asking for her Papa. She walked right past her basket the Easter Bunny left and went up stairs. When she came back down she looked at it and even walked up to the TV (which was sitting over the baskets). Eventually she got hers and started to open everything in it (especially the candy!) Chelsea also came that morning to share Easter day with us. Christa was so happy to see her. After breakfast we left for church. When we got back after church we decided to take some pictures. Here are a few of them...You can see all of them on our shutterfly web site...http:/lifeofagibbons.shutterfly.com.

Later on that day we ate and left for home. It was real nice to see family on Easter and spend time with them. This Thursday me and the girls are leaving for my mom's house in TN. My Grandmother will also be there. Stay tuned and I will post when I get back from that trip...

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