Friday, May 29, 2009

Show us where you live Friday

Every Friday Kelly's Korner has a Show us where you live Friday. Since I am almost done with school then I will have time to participate. So here it goes...This week's theme is Children's rooms and nurseries:
This is my youngest, Brea's, room...She is about 10 months

This is the view from the hallway~its a real small room~The curtain my mother-in-law made. The top of them are made from blankets and other material.

The crib

These toys stay in her crib. They usually distract her in the morning when I am trying to get a few more minutes of sleep. Its so cute, you can hear her on the monitor.

Our reading/sleep area

Dresser we got from...yep...Target!!!

The closet

Now for our next daughter, Christa. She is 2 years old

View from the hall~And the bedding is also from Target

The dresser (And you notice in the floor, little girls have to have their church shoes and tutu for dress up time)

The closet...Not a very big one
I love this bear. This dress is monogrammed with her initials. I thought it fit the bear quit nice:)

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Courtney said...

Great rooms. I love the dresser in the babies room.