Monday, September 22, 2008

~Being the oldest Sister~

OK...Well having two kids 18 months apart is hard so far but has its good moments to. Christa has just started to cry every time Brea cries. Its like they feed off of each other. Needless to say, they have tested mine and Charlemagne's nerves! Lately, Christa has started to cry and scream every time she don't get her way..I don't know if she is about to hit her "terrible two's" or what but she is not going to be a happy camper if she keeps it up..!;) Brea, on the other hand, cries all of the time! I don't know if it colic or what but I am definitely going to talk w/ the doc when we go back for her 2 month check up. She has been sleeping in the bassinet beside our bed but tonight I am going to start putting her in the crib in the baby room. This will hopefully give us a break from all the little noises she makes when she sleeps.

Although things sounds rough, when I watch Christa play (when she's not crying) and watch Brea sleep (when she's not crying), I think how wonderful I have it..A great husband, two loving daughters and great family and friends that back us up..Life really couldn't be any better! Watching the girls grow up is so amazing to me.
Everyday I think Christa says (or tries) to say a new word..I am trying to potty train her also. She knows when she is wet or goes #2 but doesn't tell us before she goes. She just touches her diaper or says "poopy" and brings us a clean diaper. She does know when she has to go #2 before she does it in her diaper though. She will come up to me or Charlemagne and say "poopy". So we go and put her on the pot..She has not yet went though. I guess its just a matter of time before she does...I am so ready for that day to come!! (ANY SUGGESTIONS TO HELP ME IN THIS AREA ARE WELCOME:)
Brea is the same...Cry, eat, sleep, and poop..and starting to be awake more during the day..When I hold her and stare she smiles so much...And starting to hold her head up really well...

Well anyways, its 12:40 am and I am trying to get this paper done...Usually this is the only time I get quiet so I can do my school work...So until next time...Thanks for listening to me complain and appriciate things that I have...

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