Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Starting out

Ok. So I finally am going to try this new blog thing. I will start out by telling you a little something about our family. Me and my wonderful husband, Charlemagne, have been married for 3 years this December. Wow how time flies by. We met in Montgomery through my roommate and his sister. Such a small world:) He moved to GA while I finished my degree. I finally got to move in 03. We moved to Madison, Ga where we reside now. He coaches basketball while I coach volleyball. We had our first child, Christa, on February 7th, 07. She will be turning 2 this Feb. It is so amazing watching her develop and grow. She learns so quickly it amazes me everyday. We also have another daughter, Brea, who was just born on August 7th, 08. Christa and Brea are exactly 18 months apart. Brea has really grown in just a month. Watching Christa with her sister is so fun to watch. She is so helpful by bringing me diapers, pacifiers, giving hugs and kisses, and keeping me busy!! I am staying at home with them this year while coaching volleyball. Charlemage couldn't be the best Daddy in the whole world. He is so wonderful to the girls. I have to officially say that Christa is now a Daddy's girl:)
I'm hoping to start this blog to update everyone on how the girls are doing and what little things they are learning. Hopefully the blogs I post in the future will be entertaining to some of you.
So until next time......

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