Monday, September 29, 2008

Nap time

Well Christa was trying me today. I couldn't help but laugh but couldn't do it in front of her. I was trying to put her down for a nap. She usually goes to sleep on her own, but not today. I put her down in the bed and, the first of many times, went to go and check on her. I crack open the door and she is laying in her bed with no diaper on. She has been doing that lately..She has pee in the bed once doing that at night. So I smacked her little bottom and put the diaper back on her (trying to potty train but not working yet). I left and cracked the door. I went downstairs to start cleaning and heard her playing with her toys in another room (2nd time she's up). Went upstairs and put her back in bed then left again (stupid me, with the door cracked). I hear her for the 3rd time and went to check on her. She was in our room playing. By this point all I had to do was giver her that look and she went right back to her bed. Well I left again and CLOSED the door. I hear her again playing..I left her there for a min then went to put her back in bed..this went on for about 4 more times with spankings in between. She has finally cried herself to sleep 1 hour later...

I thought it was so funny how she was consistent at what she was doing. She wanted to play, not nap. As a parent I really didn't care what she did but I have to keep her in that routine with napping at the same time and let her know that she can't do what she wants to, she has to go by the rules. It was so hard for me to tell her to take a nap. I wanted to laugh because it was funny. Anyways, I thought I would share this story with you. So until next time:) Take care!!

(This picture was taken after she finally went to sleep. Such an

Angel! You just gotta love her:)

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