Friday, January 16, 2009

Christa is turning 2!!

I can't believe it! My baby girls is growing up! It has been an amazing two years with her. Watching her learn new things everyday just wows me! Christa came into this world on Feb. 7th 2007. I started to go into labor right after I got home from a basketball game (and yes they did lose:)lol..I didn't know what I was feeling so I called my neighbor Heather (because she had already been through this with Brooks a month earlier) to see what contractions felt like. I called my mom and the doctor. I ended up going to the hospital at about 2 in the morning and had Christa the next day about 4:48 pm.

This is Christa when she was pulling up on things.

It was fun to watch her during her first year. First a bottle, then rice, then baby food, and now adult food. And boy does she have an appitite!! Holloring "Eat, Eat" when she gets hungry.

Also during her first year, watching her lay around, then sit up, then crawl, and the amazing first steps! Now we can't stop her from climbing on the couch, chairs, desks, and early in the morning feeling her climb into our bed with her doll and a book saying "watch" and pointing at the tv. The first thing she wants to do in the morning while I am still trying to wake up is watch the Polar Express. Watching her know every little thing to that movie is crazy!!

Here are a couple of pictures from her first birthday. Look how much she has grown!

She is now becoming a little lady wanting to put deoderant on in the morning and say "teeth" to brush her teeth. She also loves her jewerly and shoes. She walks around the house with just her church shoes on and a diaper.

Watching her with her sister is also funny. She wants to be involved in everything! She tries to change her diaper and when she rolls over she taps her bottom to get her to roll back over. When she don't want Brea to touch what she has she taps her hand and says "Mine". That is one word I wish she didn't say!!

Christa and her little sis, Brea
Oh! and the amazing prayer she has just learned in the past couple of weeks. When we sit down at the table she wants to grab mine and Charlemange's hands so we can say Grace. And at the end she even says "amen"..of course not that plain.

So another year has gone by and I'm starting to plan her birthday party. Stay tuned for a blog about that!


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Heather said...

Aww.... where does the time go! I'm planning Maya's bday party too. I can't believe they are almost 2!

Happy Birthday Christa!