Friday, January 9, 2009

Life after the holidays

Well the holidays have come and gone. It was good to see family and have Charlemagne around the house again but it is also good to be back on our normal schedule. Before the holidays came around I started to get Christa and Brea on a good schedule. It didn't last when school got out. They made their own. Everyday was different, they took a nap late and went to bed later than they used to. Now that family is gone and Charlemagne is back in school they have been back on their schedule and amazingly been doing it without a fight. All I have to say is "its nap time" or "night night time" and Christa will just walk up the stairs and go to bed. It has been wonderful!!!

Today we went to see Christa's old babysitter, Susan. It was good to see her and the family. I didn't know if Christa would remember her or Leah or John but she knew where she was as soon as she saw Leah. It is so amazing how much she remembered while she stayed at their house. She was such an amazing sitter and I wish she could continue to keep Christa and Brea.

Brea is growing up so fast!! She is sitting up now! Of course she falls after a while but I can't believe it. Today she got up on all fours. She still hasn't mastered how to move her hands or her knees to crawl but she will very shortly. I have also started her on cereal about a month ago. It has been a struggle to get her to keep it in her mouth. Christa took cereal so quickly but Brea wants to spit it out with her tongue. I think I get more on her bib then I get down her throat.

There are a couple of videos of Christa I wanted to share.

This one is of her dancing to her music. Like I said in my last post, she loves to dance but didn't at the gym. She got this little radio for Christmas and it plays music and you can stick it on the refrigerator. She loves it! As you can tell....

This one is when she was sitting on the potty. I have tried to get her to pee in it but she won't. Well I tried to give her water while she sat on it this time thinking she would go since she hasn't been all morning long! Well she didn't pee but she found out how to poot in the toilet..She thought it was hilarious!! and I did to...You can see it on her face then when she did she would start laughing.

They are two funny little girls and I am so happy to have them in my life!!!

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