Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Christa's Birthday Party

Well Christa is officially 2 now..It's crazy how time flies by! We had a wonderful birthday party..Our theme was Elmo..We had bananas (elmo's fav snack), pizza (elmo's fav food), brite crawler sour worms (for big bird), cookies (for the cookie monster), hambergers and hot dogs. I think (or hope) everyone had fun. We rented on of those moon walks and the kids loved it..Christa opened her presents and was like "Ohhhh" when she saw all of them. She wanted to open them as soon an everyone brought them in...Eventually the party turned into a spend the night party. She had some of her friends stay and her cousin. they went to sleep watching Elmo about 12:00..I can't wait till she gets older and has spend the night parties with her friends. It was so fun to watch her. She has gotten to be such a big girl!!! Anyways, I have added a few pictures of her big day..I posted all of them on our web site: http://lifeofagibbons.shutterfly.com/ So check them out!!!
The Moon Walk we rented

Charlemagne & Christa blowing the candle out

Christa & Friends I asked how old she was she said "two" and held up an one on each finger

She knows she loves her $$$

All of them watching Elmo

The sleepover crew (minus the adult:)

Then they are all out..Notice all the goldfish snacks in the floor

The next morning

Me and my babygirl!!! 2 years old..hard to believe!!

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Kiera said...

I didn't know you had a blog!! I found it from Kelly's page! I'll have to add it to mine! Hope you're doing great. You're an awesome mom.. Sleepover for a 2 year old. You're brave!! ;)