Sunday, February 15, 2009

The day of Love...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day! We didn't do much of anything. We had a game the night before so we got in late. This game was such a good game and had everybody up on their feet! It was down to the last second and we won! There was about 6 sec on the clock and after they made their shot the game was tied. We threw the ball in and Rayshaun dribbled the whole way down. He ended up banking it off the back board and the buzzard went off. He made it!!!!! It looked like we won the championship or something...The boys and Charlemagne stormed the court...It was such a good feeling. We play Tuesday and if we win we will have a bid in the state tournament! and if we lose the season is over. This is the most exciting part of the season. We have to travel to N. Georgia to Hart Co. (I think). I usually don't go to the far games but I got to support my hubby and the boys..We have lost to them both times we played them so hopefully this time we will win! 3rd times the charm...right??
Anyways, back to what my blog is really about...haha....
Friday night was senior night for the team. When they came out Charlemagne gave them roses and a picture of them. Well I was in the middle of the floor taking pictures then all of a sudden Charlemagne came up behind me and gave me 3 roses and a kiss (And the was in front of the whole gym!!) I was soooooo suprised! and happy of course...I would have never thought Charlemagne would do something like that..I mean in front of the whole gym...!
Saturday we just hung around the house. I got up and got my nails done and went to the gym...I found some pictures of me when I graduated college and I got so sad seeing how little I was compared to now! I started crying...So I am determined to get back into my 12s again!! I'm now in 14/ really I don't have that far to go. And my goal is to lose 20 lbs in 4 months so I will look at least halfway decent on the beach when we go...They have a little day care so I can take the girls during the day...That helps soooo much! After I did a little running around so I could get out of the house I came back finding lunch on the stove..We ate and just layed around the rest of the evening. We got back up later that night and went to Cracker Barrel...It was so good!! And that was it for our vday!
I hope yall had a good one. Here is a picture of Charlemagne and the girls. We got him a card from them and Christa wanted him to read it, like 3 times...They were so cute!!!

I thought this was so cute of Christa. She layed there pretending she was talking on the phone...She's getting to smart!!

And here is the close up of her face...So sweet!

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