Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Don't Want to Eat My Vegetables!!!!

This was what Christa was thinking for about a hour the past 2 nights while sitting at the dinner table. We had Zucchini and Squash with some yellow rice and pork chops. She loves her starches and meat!! Last night she ate everything but her Veggies so we let her sit with it in her mouth until she ate it. Well this didn't last very long so we made her go to bed. Well we had left overs tonight. So I just put the Veggies on her plate with very little rice. She at the rice and didn't eat any of the veggies. She then wanted a salad, so we gave her some. We even put dressing on the veggies but she would take her fork and scrape the dressing off and eat it. So we let her sit at the table until she decided she wanted to eat. After about an hour we let her get up and take her bath. I put her straight to bed...So if any of you have any ideas on how to get her to eat her Veggies, PLEASE let me know....Charlemagne seasons them up pretty good so you can't really taste how bad they are...

I have also included a little clip of the crying and her just sitting there with her mouth wide open. This is what she did for the hour...She is so hard headed...but you gotta lover her!!!

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